COVID-19 Alerts

COVID-19 Coverage Alerts

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the entire nation and the emerging dreadful stats of Black and White Fungus cases, team Allianz Assistance feels even more responsible towards our clients and people in general. Dispensing time-relevant and critical information as and when required is one of the very first steps towards offering transparent and reliable customer services. 

We wish all our customers to know and rest assured that in these tough times, we, the team Allianz is working towards making its Roadside Assistance plans even more compatible and more service-intensive for all of them. 

Shared below, are a few updates about our strategy to deliver the best services during COVID-19 and some general tips for all our customers. We recommend staying in touch with this COVID-19 updates' page for getting heads-up on the critical information from time to time.


With the number of COVID-19, Black Fungus, and White Fungus cases on the rise, the need for a safe and sound road experience is becoming dire and you just cannot overlook roadside assistance anymore. Our reliable and comprehensive roadside assistance plans cover free towing, fuel supply, flat truck transportation, emergency health services, and cab services in case your vehicle breaks down. 

All these services become life-saving when you are transporting a COVID patient to a medical institution for immediate assistance and medical help. Any accident or issue with your vehicle can land you in a hot soup and because of the contagious nature, it would be impossible to find an immediate lift.

Allianz is committed to delivering safe, secure, reliable, and pandemic-ready on-road assistance to all the customers without any added costs and with an unrelenting spirit. 

We are with you in every single situation you encounter while you are on road, and that is valid during this pandemic-stricken situation as well.


It goes without saying that the ongoing pandemic has pushed all of us to our limits and service businesses are getting crunched like never before. While getting to us might take a few more seconds as compared to earlier, we are untiringly working hard to minimize the response time for all types of customer requests. 

Your patience and understanding will only fuel our passion and dedication to deliver across our promises.


COVID-19 has just changed one thing - it has pushed us to hit our targets and deliver across our customer expectations in a more robust, more reliable and more comprehensive manner. 

Our clients should rest assured that none of their roadside assistance plan services will be interrupted or affected in the wake of the pandemic and our team members are working with even more dedication to serve all of them.

Towing services, fuel deliveries, cab services, flat truck services, battery charging services, and on-site medical assistance - everything is being provided as per the pandemic-relevant protocol. 

Our team members are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers and themselves to curb infections without pausing the services.


Allianz Assistance is already committed to its mission of ensuring the well-being and caring for the health of one and all. We have always been keen to deliver unique service offerings to our customers that translate into happy experiences that stay with them for their entire lifetime. 

In the wake of this pandemic, we offer even easier, better, and more comprehensive access to healthcare services via health teleconsultation. We offer teleconsultation services with expert doctors and healthcare practitioners to facilitate immediate consultation and enhancing the quality of life of our customers.


With its commitment to deliver uninterrupted services to its customers and their dependents during the pandemic, Allianz, along with its partners has helped many customers in getting the right medical attention, transportation, and teleconsultation with experts in the wake of COVID-19. 

We are helping the front-line heroes reach their destinations without any glitches and enabling them to be where they are needed without any troubles on the roads. 

Our team members are working with renewed goals and responsibilities tied to the safe and problem-free travels of all our customers. 

We hope all our customers continue to put their trust in us and keep on empowering us to surpass our goals and put a united front against the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond!


It is our commitment to you that our assistance teams will continue to operate normally. We have urgently activated relevant business continuity plans to ensure this. We promise to do all we can do to protect and keep informing each and every one of you. Thank you for your continued support.