How To Drive: Top 10 Driving Tips for Beginners!

Did you get your driving license yet? You got did? Well, that's great news! Now you can finally cruise down the road in your car instead of asking a friend for a ride or bearing the sweaty crowd in public transportation. But are you wondering if you're ready for it or not despite knowing all the basics? In that case, we are here to give you some great tips that one should remember while driving.
Let's start with the easiest tip, getting to know your car. Before you go inside and start fiddling with the controls, try to study those functions and features your vehicle has. Depending on your car model, the buttons, levers, and knobs can look slightly different from each other. So make sure to familiarize yourself with them and find out where they're situated and what they do.
Now let's talk about comfort and accessibility during driving. All cars have adjustable seats to make the drive comfy, but sometimes you can forget to readjust the seat according to your preference. It pays off to manage the ergonomics according to your liking, giving you a decent space between the steering wheel and you, along with your legs having enough room to access the pedals.
While driving, sometimes it's hard to keep your eyes on all sides. It's easier to look ahead and make sure what's going on there, but what about the backside?  Here's where you use the rearview mirrors. There are three adjustable mirrors, one on each side of the front doors and one inside the vehicle. These rearview mirrors can help you keep an eye on the cars behind you and the ones on the front.
No matter where you drive to, always bring your papers with you. Your driving license, certificate of the car, pollution under control document, insurance policy papers, all these can be important when dealing with specific situations. Another alternative would be to carry digital copies of these documents in case you forget.
Constantly pressing on the clutch is one of the rookie mistakes people make, which also happens to be the silliest. The clutch pedal helps you to change gears with ease. However, when you're driving, it doesn't need to be used. Otherwise, it causes unnecessary damage to the clutch and fails in transmission. So keep your feet off of the clutch when you're not shifting gears.
Abiding by the traffic rules is a matter of common sense as we all know it. Staying on the side of the lane you're supposed to drive along is vital, but knowing when to stop and when to drive at a crossroad with traffic lights is essential to avoid penalties and tickets. Sometimes, passing cars don't stop as soon as the light goes off, so be careful and keep a close eye on both sides of the road if you want to avoid accidents.
Road signs are your friends that show you driving guidelines in certain areas. Going super-fast won't do you any good, but going too slow might cause a massive collision as well, especially when you're going too fast or too slow on the road with a specific speed requirement. So make sure to drive slower in school areas.
Let's not even try to convince ourselves that calling or texting while driving is a good idea because we all know it's not. Calling, texting and even eating while driving is a huge distraction that can lead to unfortunate events, so best not to make such a blunder.
Last but not least, excessive honking! Don't honk unless you need to alert people. Remember, it's not there for you to take out your frustration, so use it wisely.
There you have it! Some of the fundamental formalities of driving in general. Now go out there and drive safely!