Self-Care: Top Tips on Preparing a Self-Care Routine

We are familiar with the pressure and stress that comes with leading a busy life. In the beginning, it might not seem like something to worry about, but in the long run, it takes a massive toll on us. The best way to not let that happen is to practice self-care religiously.

You may have known the importance of self-care and how it can reflect on your physical and mental health if done right. It's always a good idea to pause and take a moment to yourself to reassess what your body and mind need to remain healthy.

Realising you need to start taking care of yourself is the first step to having a good self-care routine. Implementing self-care to your daily routine takes effort from one's side, and we're here to help you start it off. Here are a few tips to push you in the right direction.

It is essential to pick the right things to do when listing activities as a part of your new self-care routine. Choosing to do something you enjoy brings a lot more meaning to your day than anything else could. Some popular activities people indulge in are yoga, jogging, gardening, reading a good book & even going for a walk. All of these are great ideas to incorporate into your schedule but choosing the ones you're more likely to find yourself doing is the right step. That way, you enjoy the time you participate in it, and hey, if yoga is what you like, then so be it.
We lead a hectic schedule & sometimes we forget that it is crucial never to forget that we have our basic needs to look after. Make sure you don't skip a meal, hydrate & maintain good personal hygiene throughout the week to feel at the top of your game. As simple as these can be, these do set you up for success. Your health is your treasure. Your body & mind help you keep that intact as long as you take care of them.
"I'll sleep in 10 minutes'', "one more video", "It's too early to sleep", and eventually, "Is that the time?", we have all been through these stages of late-nights. It is tempting to stay up that one extra hour to do some scrolling on your favourite social media platform or aimlessly browse the internet because you think you still have time to fall asleep. Nothing beats a good night's sleep, not even a cute pet video compilation. Lack of sleep shows its signs early on, and it doesn't keep you on track with your self-care mantra. Do yourself a favour and sleep at the right time & you'll feel much better in the morning. Trust us.
Even though it's called self-care, a good chunk of it is related to people around you. Your loved ones play a significant part in your life. Making out time to spend time with them can do you a world of good. Enough people mistake self-care for choosing isolation over a healthy interaction in the name of solitude. Which then leads to feeling lonely and does the exact opposite of taking care of oneself. Don't detach yourself from those who love you and uplift you on a bad day. Studies show that socialization is as important as taking out time for oneself.
Making a self-care routine is step one, but ensuring you follow all the steps is the key to practicing it well. Don't set unrealistic goals for yourself for the glorification of the term self-care. It's beneficial to know your capacity to combine these changes into your daily life. It need not be something exemplary, but something you know can be done by you effortlessly. For starters, going to the park twice a week to unwind within nature can be a simple task that you can entrust yourself with and see that you achieve it.
There are various ways one can indulge in a delightful self-care routine that works for them. Honestly, it’s up to you how you want to use your time to work on feeling like the best version of yourself. We are here for it & we hope you take good care of yourself in the meantime.