11 Secret Tips – On Packing like a Pro

We’ve all been there, staring at your wardrobe and your empty bags before going on a trip, not knowing what you should and shouldn’t take with you. Everything you own seems like something you might need at some point during your vacation. Here are a few great tips to make it easy for you to pack smart before you head out.
First things first, you need to pick the type of carrier for your belongings precisely according to your needs. There's no point in packing in a giant suitcase if you'll have trouble dragging it around with you. Some better options are convertible rolling luggage, four-wheeled luggage & even a compact duffle bag.
Now that you have your means of luggage picked out, the next step is to sit down and make a list of things you genuinely need to pack. It's not that hard once you take some time to think it through. Once you make a shortlist, it leaves you no room for confusion or doubt.
Now, this may sound like the least of your concerns but trust us, knowing what shoes you need saves you space, luggage weight & a lot of confusion for later as you pick out your outfits. Coordinate your shoes with the clothes you packed, match them and only take the appropriate pairs, that way, you don't carry unnecessary extras.
Roll, roll & roll. Managing your luggage space is a vital way of packing smart. Don't just flat-fold your items of clothing and call it a day. Roll up your clothing items to save space for other things. This way, you conserve space and have more space for more items that you'd want to take with you.
Ask yourself, do you really need to pack the full volume of your favourite book series or four blazers that look the same? Pack precisely what you need. Keeping your luggage light but functional can serve you for the better later on. Try an e-book or a reversible jacket.
Protect your belongings. If you're carrying something valuable, ensure that you keep them in a secure space within your suitcase. You can choose to keep it on your carry-on as well. If you're travelling by train or a long bus ride, keeping your luggage locked with a padlock can save you from an on-route robbery.
If you want to be extra cautious, then pack a small med kit with you. When travelling, having basic medical supplies on you might help you in case of an emergency. Carry band aids, over-the-counter medicines and even some snacks just in case you need them.
Pack your big & heavy items first since they won't be the things you frequently need on your journey. Keep the light items on top or around the heavy ones. Doing this can also help distribute the weight evenly & give you better access to finding things for when you need them.
You don't need to carry a whole bottle of shampoo for a five day trip or a giant bottle of lotion for a few days in the hills. Try smaller containers to bring a little bit of what you need. Rationing is your friend. Some hotels provide good quality toiletries as a substitute.
Having an itinerary made beforehand can save you a lot of time before you reach your destination. It will also help you understand what exactly you need to pack. The kind of clothes, shoes, accessories and even carry-ons. Consider the weather of the place and pack accordingly.
Depending on your method of transport, pack a few things that might aid you in the journey. If you're travelling via flights or long-distance bus rides, pack a neck pillow, for an overnight train ride, carry a thin blanket or even some headphones so you can listen to your favourite audiobook.
Now that you’ve gone through our list of ideas on how to pack smart for your long-awaited trip, all you need to do is implement these tips the next time you want to save time on packing & don’t want to rush before you set out. Happy travelling!