Top 5 Ways: How driving makes you happy and could also help you unlock your life post lockdown

Around one fourth people lost their jobs and more than half of the working population glued with work from home due to COVID-19 obligations.

Those early morning rush hours to reach office and those mood-messing evening traffic moments—all that we hated, is all we want back.

The most awaited recreational activities like–trips, get-togethers, movies, outdoor sports, and all other exciting activities received an undefined halt.

Certainly, these recreational activities also play an important role in physical and mental wellness. But DID YOU KNOW—that driving your car or two-wheeler has similar benefits?

Endless researches say that long drive causes tiredness, stress, depression and anxiety. “But this same long drive benefits positively when the drive is taken without any purpose or place to reach.”


Hence, we are revealing the Top 5 ways: how driving can actually help you unlock your life and give you more happiness:


The precautionary measures for COVID-19 have restricted us from planning trips to far-away destinations. But this gap can be filled by little passion for driving.

Apart from your driving license, all you need is– “to get your family, or a loved one, to a long ride.”

You can choose a nearby highway or a traffic-free route. Just observe the beauty around. You do not have to worry about reaching anywhere. Just relax in confines of a car or on the open two-wheeler ride.

“While you enjoy the ride, don’t forget the safety and preparation. A roadside assistance plan can become magical if an unexpected breakdown occurs.”

Driving a bike or car is not merely a mechanical task. It’s indeed a skill that involves intelligent neurons of the brain.

Driving influences our mood. A relaxed and dedicated drive gives happiness and contentment.

The mind automatically produces new ideas and links with the missing insights.

A ride around the corner can help you switch to more positivity and happiness. To achieve the results, focus only on goodness, greenery, or breeze around while driving.


The regular drives are usually intended to reach office, buying groceries, picking kids from school, visiting a bank or a doctor and don’t leave any chance for pure driving.

The most underestimated beauty of driving is– “it allows freedom and diversion.”

So, without rushing your adrenaline levels, choose a traffic-free highway or route. And don’t forget remembering those days when you were struggling to drive while learning it.

This way, you will have a sincere and pure drive. Additionally, this kind of drive will reward you with happy hormones.

The modern world is full of distractions. Human beings need time to reflect on their own individuality, thoughts, and decisions.

Our brains feel blocked with endless thoughts. Furthermore, work pressure, phones, television and numerous factors completely take away our mental energies.

Fortunately, your car or bike is your second home and a solitude place. A place where you can set yourself free from regular distractions.

Without complexing the point, we are revealing the science-backed fact that– “the parts of brain that help in maintaining focus and taking decisions, also help in driving.”

So, next time you drive, remember that driving will help you strengthen your neural links.

Buying own car or bike is a dream that most people see since early years of life. Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle, and busy schedules–we forget the value of these possessions.

The passion that we had for driving dies inside and doesn’t receive any consideration. But you can bring back spark by exploring new routes and driving with fresh perceptions.

This time when you drive your car or bike, just remember the dream that you once had to possess the vehicle.  And Just breathe the air, sing your favorite tune and come back winning a luxurious moment.

“Undoubtedly, driving gives back more only when done with a sense of responsibility. Always keep your life and loved ones safe with a roadside assistance plan.”