Benefits of opting for roadside assistance for your bikes

You may also get motorcycle insurance online and tack on a Roadside Assistance add-on to save time and ensure a frictionless transaction. 

When you set out to explore the outdoors, a Roadside Assistance Cover functions as a dependable companion, however, if your bike breaks down, getting professional help can be difficult if you don't have 2-wheeler insurance and Roadside Assistance Cover. 

If you become stranded in the middle of the road, a Roadside Assistance Cover includes towing, on-the-spot repairs, another mode of transportation, emergency lodging, and key replacement. This service is accessible even if your vehicle is involved in an accident and must be transported to a nearby service center or network garage for repairs. Being in trouble and trapped in an unfamiliar region with a broken-down bike is not only inconvenient but may also be dangerous. Even the tiniest flaw, such as a flat tire, might put you in danger while riding your two-wheeler. To help you in such situations, you may purchase a bike roadside assistance add-on cover by paying an additional premium amount for your bike insurance. 

When your bike or scooter breaks down, you can access various services with this add-on cover. This coverage will assist you with everything from towing your vehicle to minor repairs at any time and in any location. 

As a result, having a Roadside Assistance Cover, in addition to bike insurance, can be advantageous, especially if you travel frequently. 

Furthermore, the availability of bike insurance online has simplified insurance buying.

The following are five advantages of roadside assistance. Add-on 

A Roadside Assistance Cover might help you remain unstoppable on your journeys and avoid being slowed down by little setbacks. Here are some of the special perks that come with bike insurance that have been upgraded.

● On-the-Spot Repairs: If your journey has come to a halt due to a minor breakdown, a Roadside Assistance Plan can get you back on the road in no time. 

● Drained battery: If you're traveling during the wet season, your bike's battery is more likely to fail. In this case, you can wait beneath a shed and phone your insurance provider, who will dispatch a specialist to jumpstart your bike's battery. 

● Empty Fuel Tank: You may have become so enthralled by the roads that you've forgotten to refuel. Instead of pushing your bike to the nearest gas station, phone your insurance provider and take a break while they send someone to assist you with refueling on the spot. Above a particular threshold, additional fuel charges may apply.

● Flat Tyre: If you have a flat tire, you must come to a complete stop right away because bikes cannot go any farther with a flat tire. Your insurance company can send a bike professional to seal the puncture and get you back on your way, which is where the Roadside Assistance Cover can help. 

● Accident Services: If you are involved in an accident while traveling, you can contact your insurance company to have your bike hauled to a nearby shop. They may also be able to assist you with booking a taxi. 

● Replacement Key: If you get locked out of your car or lose a key while traveling, your auto insurance company will provide you with a replacement key.

● Alternate transportation: If your automobile is unavailable for a few days due to damage and required repairs, you can rent a car to get around while your car is repaired. 

● If your car is towed away and you need to get home or to the nearest city, Roadside Assistance also includes the supply of emergency transportation, such as a cab. Additional fees may apply here, depending on the distance traveled. 

● If your automobile is hauled away or requires more than one day of repairs, and you are outside your home city, your insurance company will arrange for you to stay in an emergency hotel. Be mindful of any fees that may apply in this situation.

When you compare bike insurance coverage online, you'll have all the information you need to choose the best policy for your bike. Here are a few reasons why it's crucial to shop around for bike insurance online. 

● It saves time: Comparing two-wheeler insurance online can save you a significant amount of time and effort. Without visiting an insurance company's office, you may learn about and comprehend the coverage, pricing, advantages, and add-on features of various policies by purchasing auto insurance online. As a result, comparing bike insurance policies online is a straightforward and painless process.

● There's no need to see an agent: you can look up vital information and compare bike insurance policies on your own to get the one that best fits your needs. The complete information available on the Tata AIG website eliminates the need to consult an agent when purchasing motorcycle insurance. 

● It assists you in making an informed decision: By researching and comparing bicycle insurance coverage online, you can make an informed decision free of bias and misleading information. A thorough search and comparison of policies on our website can assist you in making the best option for your bike insurance coverage.

A Roadside Assistance Coverage combined with your 2-wheeler insurance can be extremely beneficial, especially in times of need. Because you never know what will happen when you go to new places, having bike insurance and a Roadside Assistance Cover might help you relax.

A roadside assistance add-on cover, which is available only with standalone own-damage and comprehensive bike insurance policies for an additional price, is quite useful. It provides you with unrivaled support in any unknown area through various perks while traveling by bike or scooter. It is a highly suggested add-on cover that you must get to protect yourself from any future unforeseen circumstances.