Health is wealth: Here’s how to increase immunity and boost health in 5 Easy steps

“Health is wealth” — is one of the most famous phrases used around the world. In fact, no one can deny the truth behind this phrase.

Yet, either we don’t follow it or need timely reminders to follow it.

But, ever since the unwelcomed entry of COVID-19, the need for caring and boosting our health and immunity has become the most buzzing topics around the globe.

And undoubtedly, it’s fair to conclude that today we all are aware of many tips on–increasing immunity.

But then, why aren’t we getting any results?

Well, the clear answer is- “we know, we follow, and then we again unfollow.”

Thus, in order to automatize all these tips into your regime, it's crucial to have brief insights on–behind the scenes of immunity system.

After Conception, a human heart starts beating as early as 16 days. It works without taking a single holiday. Similarly, our immunity system is always on its job.

Immune system is made up of–a variety of cells, organs, tissues, and proteins. The system on whole protects us from the viruses, bacteria, and parasites, etc.

The system is like a team of soldiers who are looking for dangerous and unknown enemies.

This is how immunity system does its duties:

Step 0: Constantly spying for bad enemies

Step 1: Identifying foreign enemies like viruses, bacteria, toxins, etc.

Step 2: Fighting with these bad enemies

Step 3: Ending the fight and switching back to the Step 0.

Thus, compassion should be felt for these systems who are working every second and don’t even ask a half-day leave.

Clearly, boosting the immunity is simply adding more soldiers into the system. Thus, reducing the burden on soldiers. And consequently winning every fight with enemies.

Now, Here’s the 5 most easy and result assuring steps to boost immunity:

Intake of nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, lentils, nuts, seeds, soups, yogurt, and other natural varieties help in making the immune system stronger.

Also, some macro and micronutrients, and some trace elements are an important parts of the immunity system. In case, you are not having a balanced diet, then supplements and herbs could help fill the gaps.

It’s a good practice to have a regular blood test to check your system. But take supplements only with the advice of a doctor.

 If you have busy schedules or can’t meet a doctor in person, then you can also try an online health consultation.

Sound sleep helps repairs your mental and physical systems. A reduction in sleeping hours impacts negatively on body.

Notably, sleeping lesser hours for just one night costs heavily. And then it takes 2-3 days to restore back, and often in this process, immunity system gets injured.

Hence, 7-8 hours sleep is essential for optimal health and performance.

Stress not only effects on immunity, but it also causes anxiety, depression, fatigue, high pressure, heart problems, loss of appetite, and over-eating.

To ban the stress, remember that– “taking stress is absolute of no use. However, thinking about solutions or finding alternatives and strategies are the ways that eventually helps.”

Also, try relaxing your mind with music, essential oils, a walk, or reading a book.

Regular exercise and yoga also reduces stress levels and additionally, boost the immunity system.

The human body is made up of 60-63% water. Our brain and all organs highly depend on water.

 “Ignoring consumption of water damages cells and weakens immunity.”

Although water is the best liquid, but you can also include liquid in the form of–juices, herbal teas, lemon water, coconut water, or milk.

It takes only 6 days to develop a new Habit. Hygiene is one such habit that rewards us with healthy immunity.

 Lesser entry of enemies means a lesser burden on the immunity system and more safety from enemies.

Lastly, don't forget that your immunity system doesn’t get a single holiday. It's always on its duty to save you.

So, help the soldiers with above steps, and never ignore health problems. Moreover, an online health consultant is always there to help you.