Accommodation, Repairs, Fuel and Emergency Services – Does your road assistance plan comes with these options?

As exciting and amazing experience car driving can be, it can also land you in various types of hot soups - dead batteries, getting locked out of your accidentally while your keys are punched inside the car, fuel shortage, flat tyres and even worse, accidents.

And, believe us, when you are in such situations, the need of having reliable, robust, efficient and enabling roadside assistance is felt the greatest!

Now, while most of the people these days have roadside assistance plans that encompass repairs, towing services and first aid etc, they are lacking in many other aspects. 

For example, does your roadside assistance plan comes with decent accommodation, emergency car services such as battery charging, towing in case of lost keys or fuel delivered to you on-demand while you are stuck on a highway with not a single soul in the eyesight?

If the answer is no, then the following post is going to be a commendable read for you!


While your current roadside assistance provider might offer one or two of the above-mentioned services, Allianz is one such service provider that offers all these umbrella services along with many additional benefits in a single plan. 

And, if you are looking for a new roadside assistance plan, or wish to change your service provider, or simply seeking information regarding the best plans available, take a thorough read of the following post.

We are going to discuss how Allianz offers the most reliable, most comprehensive, and one of the most all-inclusive road assistance plans that you can buy at affordable prices.

Let us begin with a swift walk-through of the various features of the road assistance plans offered by Allianz Assistance.


Towing is required for vehicles that were involved in accidental cases and that require more advanced repairs that cannot be rendered on the site. Allianz offers breakdown assistance, in which a flat-bed towing truck for transporting all types of vehicles to authorized workshop, service station or garage. 

Cherries on top - towing is free of charge, for a fixed distance or for unlimited distance, depending on your membership plan.

Suppose you are driving back from your parents' house in another city and are currently on a highway when suddenly your car's batteries dwindle and die. You have your kids with you and suddenly you don’t feel safe, parked in the middle of nowhere. What makes the entire situation murkier is the fact that you cannot leave your car with kids inside to find someone for help. 

Allianz offers on-site battery chargers for four-wheelers and two-wheelers, which means that all you have to do is, make the call and sit inside the car with your kids, talking about how help is on the way!

So, with Allianz as your service provider, no day is a bad day!

Probably one of the most common and one of the most depressive things about driving - flat tyres, can seriously impede your driving like nothing else. Your vehicle cannot even be tied to some other vehicle for reaching a nearby workshop.

Making the situation worse might be your Stepney that might not have enough air. 

This is a highly common occurrence because most of us never do a health check of our Stepneys while taking our cars out for a drive. 

Well, with Allianz roadside assistance, all you have to do is, patiently wait and the well-trained team of professionals will be at your rescue no matter wherever you are!

Lost your keys or got locked out of your car? Don't worry, we've got your back!

Many times people are rendered outside their otherwise perfect car because they accidentally locked the car with the keys inside, or because they lost their keys. While a majority of roadside service providers might not come to your rescue in this case, especially without damaging the car, we, at Allianz, will help you get access to your keys!

Yes, you can simply call us on the toll-free number and get your extra key (at home, or office or any other place) delivered to you on-site. Or, you can get your vehicle towed to any nearby workshop, authorized garage or service station with safety and zero damage guaranteed!

Suppose you are on a road trip with your peeps, enjoying a great time with music and snacks and engaging conversations when your car gets stuck in the middle of the road as the tank is emptied. Most of the people plan their road trips to far-flung places, where service stations and petrol pumps are at great distances. 

Getting fuel in such conditions can not only hamper the fun and adventure the trip was supposed to offer, but it can also land you in trouble if you are in an unsafe or forested area. 

However, if you choose Allianz Assistance as your roadside assistance provider, you can not only avail of cab services, but you can also get free fuel assistance of up to 5 liters depending on your membership plan.

More often than not, any of the above-mentioned situations might require you to change your plans and stay at the place of repair for the night or until the repair is over. If the repair of your vehicle requires specific parts, you might have to wait longer as well. 

In all such cases, Allianz roadside assistance offers you free 3-Star Accommodation at a place nearby so that you can spend your time with an easy mind and find a suitable place for your fellow travellers, family and valuable luggage. While your vehicle is being attended to, you can rest at a decent place, have food, charge your phones or spend time with your kids and family in a secure space.

There are two plans - Standard and Elite, the details of which are shared in the following section.
  • The plan is valid across the nation
  • 3 services per year
  • Free fuel assistance 5 litres
  • Free towing for 50 km
  • Taxi benefit on actuals and city route and map guide
  • Medical Coordination
  • Urgent message deliveries
  • The plan is priced at INR 1899 per annum
  • The plan is valid across the nation
  • 5 services per year
  • Unlimited free towing
  • Free fuel assistance 5 liters
  • Complimentary taxi benefit (up to 50 km)
  • Urgent message deliveries
  • Medical coordination, onward journey, and on-site repairs, and battery charging
  • Complimentary 3-star accommodation (one night)
  • The plan is priced at INR 2999 per annum
Both the plans are highly affordable and come with reliable and efficient 24-hour road service bundles. You can opt for the one that suits your travelling habits and assistance requirements the best and keep your mind at ease no matter how much you travel.

When it comes to the roads, everything is unpredictable and is dependent on the credibility of your vehicle. While you might exercise regular vehicle service and proper checks before leaving your home, you can end up in lots of situations that impede your travel plans and affect your safety. 

Furthermore, the currently raging COVID-19 pandemic is making the long travels even less secure with a number of local businesses shut down, including the service stations and workshops.

In such a scenario, Allianz Assistance emerges as a reliable, robust and efficient road partner that can help you out of any sticky situation and ensure your and your vehicle's safety in all scenarios. 

For more information on the plans and to renew your subscription, please log on to today!