Roadside Assistance | Choose Allianz Assistance Only- Here’s Why

Two-wheeler Roadside Assistance Plans are basically the silver lining to the unfortunate mechanical or technical 2-wheeler breakdowns, like a punctured tire, dead battery, or an accident. These plans come in handy to keep the journey going, especially when you are at a deserted location. 

You can buy RSA plans from your insurer as an add-on feature to your comprehensive insurance policy or get them as an integrated part of a standalone two-wheeler policy. Other roadside assistance providers are offering Two-Wheeler Roadside Assistance services. 

Nothing compares to the joy of a bike ride. It is something that would get your blood racing. The fresh breeze gives a sense of freedom while the journey inspires me to explore the unexplored. With terrain, changes the culture, and the view is all vivid and vibrant. It is like you are flying with the wind brushing through your face and hair; it is sheer bliss.

But this bliss can be turned into a major flop-show if you get stuck with a stranded bike and no one anywhere around. Calling up a mechanic from your regular garage will be the first thing that pops your mind. But it might not be possible for him to reach an area that is far away. Now imagine yourself, dragging your bike instead of riding, trying to find a mechanic. You don’t want that happening, do you?

This is where the roadside assistance plan (RSA) steps up. It is the most trusted ally in an emergency bike breakdown situation. The assistance crew comes up to your location, even if in the middle of nowhere, checks and repairs your bike and gets you back on the road. You definitely need a good RSA plan for your two-wheeler to travel with peace and secure yourself. 

If you own a new bike, you may not need a comprehensive RSA cover since the bike would be in top working condition. Further, the bike might also come with a complimentary basic RSA plan, (covering minor repair services like a punctured tire, lost key, or an empty fuel tank) from the dealership per se, for the first few years. 
 If you are a travel bug who loves long distances and travels across unknown terrains frequently, it is 100% advisable that you buy an RSA Plan.

     When you do a cost-benefit analysis of a good RSA plan, the benefits always outweigh the cost. So, if you are someone who values convenience, someone who would want a mechanic to fix a flat tire rather than doing it all by yourself, then the RSA policy is ideal for you. 

    You can easily escape all the unwarranted travel hiccups, thanks to bike insurance add-ons and standalone Roadside Assistance plans. Hop on this amazing read to know how exactly do RSA plans bear the virtuous fruits.  

     Just one call to the RSA provider about the vehicle breakdown and location will provide you with instant help. Expert technicians and mechanics will arrive at the location and fix your motorbike. If, however, the repairs can’t be done at the spot, the crew will safely tow your vehicle to a nearby garage. The responsibility to manage the situation vests with the Roadside Assistance Provider.

It is amazing how just a small sum of premium can provide significant and valuable breakdown services, right at the time of need. RSA plans are totally worth the money.

    The major benefit of a bike breakdown plan is that the policyholder is provided coverage against several vehicle problems, and thus giving every rider the assurance needed to plan safe and fun trips.  

Call it a flat tire, lost key, dead battery, or other minor mechanical and electrical repair, the assistance crew has got it all. And oh, don’t forget, Roadside doesn’t literally mean roadside. The assistance is available at your home as well. For instance, if you are not able to start your bike in the morning, the crew will arrive at your house and fix it all up.
If some breakdown issues cannot be fixed over at the spot, or accidents involving damages to the covered bike, the provider will get your bike towed safely to a nearby network garage. 
If the fuel tank gets all worked up, the RSA provider will arrange for fuel to be delivered to the location. Few plans have a cap on the number of times this service will be provided and also on the volume of fuel that would be delivered during the policy term.
 RSA plans provide hotel accommodation to ensure that the policyholder (along with friends or family) could rest and eat at a decent place, while their vehicle is being attended to.  
Roadside assistance plans arrange for an onward journey via road/rail or air to make sure that the policyholder reaches his destination while the vehicle is undergoing repairs.
In case of emergency, the vehicle owner is provided medical assistance following the immobilization of the two-wheeler. All the cost of arranging the medical assistance at the location of the accident is borne by the RSA provider. The cost of treatment, however, will be borne by the policyholder.
Some RSA plans will assist you to get in touch with your family and friends and relay urgent messages to keep them informed about your health condition.
Allianz Assistance is a 24*7, 365 days a year, hassle-free RSA Provider that offers all the above-mentioned services and benefits. The key takeaway is that it allows flexible and customized plans, thus making it people’s preferred choice. Allianz enables hindrance-free travel while putting at bay the delay in your scheduled trips. With a PAN India Presence, Allianz Roadside assistance is one of the best and fastest roadside assistance so that you don’t have to figure out what’s wrong with your vehicle by yourself.