7 secret tips: To become the best    version of yourself being at home in COVID-19 Lockdown or Anytime

It’s hard to find a single person who doesn’t hold any dream. In our lives we see millions of dreams and to become best version of self–is the most beautiful and desired dream.

But our busy schedules often handover us–a list of excuses that eventually opts us out from working on the most desired dream.

However, the recent bounce of COVID-19 in our lives has compelled us to stay indoors. Additionally, has provided an opportunity to work on ourselves.

Hence, we are sharing our secret list to become best version of yourself being at home during lockdown or at anytime:

A negative feeling often strikes our minds that helping others is equivalent to losing out resources or time.

But just pause and glance back–surely, many people helped you in becoming what you are right now.

To become best, all you require is–“detecting opportunities to serve others in becoming their best.”

  • Share your books, reserves, or valuable things with friends, colleagues, or teammates.
  • To raise others in their lives–share your expertise and experiences. And the good part of this is–they will always love you.
  • Help your elders or give them care that they missed while you were unavailable.
  • Feed birds or animals. Do something for environment or community.
  • Motivate the one who cannot cope-up with situations.
  • Spend time with loved ones. Learn about their dreams and difficulties, and present support for the same.
  • Lastly, stay alert so that you can discover continuous opportunities of turning others around you to their best.

We usually wait for someone to appear in our lives to tell us that — “Hey you have this talent and you can move the world.”

Further, fear of failure holds us back from discovering our extraordinary potentials.

Now, this is time to investigate your capabilities to revolutionize your life.

To diagnose your hidden geniuses, just close your eyes and recall the regular compliments that you received on any kind of work in your life.

For instance– “if you frequently received appreciation for home organizing ideas then you have a home-making expertise and you can execute it by being a Homemaker Vlogger.”

Humans are surrounded by thousands of material things. Yet, they continue pilling up.

In fact, studies reveal that people's purchasing decisions often are emotionally triggered.

However, the less we have, the better are our focuses.

Indeed, gathering too much stuff takes away mental energies, and also distracts from moving towards our dream.

To declutter–remove attachments with some objects, donate them, and get rewarded with clean spaces and crisp focuses.

Your skills are your biggest assets. Whatever job you are doing takes skills.

To become best version, learn more about whatever you do in life.

Moreover, once a skill is mastered, it turns into a lifetime asset. These skills could pay off in attaining fantastic heights.

To sharp skills–take help from books, videos, or join an online course.

Creativity opens the door to mental peace, joy, fresh ideas, and contentment.

It develops confidence and gives a feeling of accomplishment.

Always add some creative touch to your work or to the other tasks of life.

Consequently, it would also benefit you in identifying your passion, talents, and skills.

Challenges help us grow.

They contribute in incredible ways to make us best version.

Firstly, they remove us from the bondage of comfort zones. Secondly, pull us into situations that demand courage and mental strength.

Thus, challenge by learning different things, taking up difficult tasks or a fresh habit.

You can master a new language, driving, painting, writing, or pick up anything that appeals to your mind, but seems tough to attain.

Mind is the authority. We experience joy and misery through it. You can turn it into the best friend or the worst enemy.

In fact, we are never alone as our minds forever reside inside us. Thus, remember that without a powerful mind, the probability of becoming best version reduces significantly.

To strengthen your mind it's necessary to set some permanent habits like–reading motivational books, performing mediation, understanding spirituality, taking physical and mental health care, learning art of breathing, and updating knowledge.

Overall, turning into best version is not a destination, but is a lifelong expedition.