How does Travel Insurance differ from Roadside Assistance (RSA)? Here’s the ultimate guide to RSA

Most travelers around the world feel assured as they secure themselves with different insurance policies. But off and on, they hear that they need to have a roadside assistance policy as well. But, why this extra policy? How does it help? And, What’s the need? Indeed, it is confusing!

So, let us clear up all the confusion for you in the easiest manner-

RSA repairs your vehicle during any sudden vehicle problems and helps you move back on the road in no time. But travel insurance policy only reimburses any losses that occurred to your vehicle. 

Travel Insurance – Insurance policies are those that reimburse you for any losses that occur to you or your belongings. You can buy insurance for almost anything. Health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, personal insurance, international travel insurance, and so many other forms of insurance are available today. 

• The insurance company will give you money for the losses incurred once you file the claim and provide all the paperwork.

• 90% of the travel insurance companies don’t provide roadside assistance coverage in their insurance policies.

• Travel insurance policies simply secure your losses and never come on the spot to rescue you during a vehicle breakdown

Roadside Assistance (RSA): RSA assistance simply means getting help while traveling. In practice, Roadside Assistance (RSA), is a cover or policy that you buy in order to secure your vehicle during any vehicular breakdown.

“During any vehicle problem, you can even choose to buy a one-time "pay-for-use" service and ask for an expert assistant to help you get back on the road.” You can even choose to buy a yearly plan to stay stress-free and give protection to your loved ones.

Often, in the midst of the thrill and excitement, we reveal our budget, impulses, likings, and preferences for a specific model. This information is processed by the salesperson's mind, and  they can push and lure you into buying a higher version of the selected model.

It may seem unbelievable, but some salespeople are trained and smart enough to influence you, and they even have the potential to change your choice.

If your vehicle breakdowns in the middle of nowhere, then you can call the 24*7 RSA helpline number, and the RSA team will come to rescue you within minutes.

• Roadside Assistance covers almost all vehicular issues.

• As vehicle breakdowns happen at the most unexpected times and in unexpected locations, these moments can cause a lot of stress and danger. Hence, buying a Roadside Assistance plan means having complete peace of mind.

• With RSA, you can assure the safety of your loved ones.

• The RSA team is well experienced at handling all difficult breakdown situations, and thus, you can trust that your vehicle is in safe hands. 

Today, policies can be bought online within minutes. Allianz Roadside Assistance plans are not only budget-friendly but have plans for both 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers.

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