How to get on-road assistance during a breakdown in Winters?

Vehicle maintenance is around the year task, with special attention on winters. It is during this season that your car might struggle to survive. The damp weather, foggy condition, and not-so-good Indian roads all put together can turn your winter vacation into a disaster. Winters are bad for cars indeed. Especially the ones in North India, where the temperature is close to zero or at times sub-zero, certain metal parts in the vehicle tend to shrink. Improper lubrication due to the cold weather aggravates the issue further, leaving you helpless on road during a breakdown.
Thankfully, with the right 24 hour Road Side Assistance schemes offered, you can get through this easily. Before getting to know more about Road Side assistance, we think it is important to understand your vehicle’s condition during winter. So here are a few problems that most cars face under low temperatures.
Just like the human body encompasses a lot of fuels, some fluids ensure a smooth motion in the car’s internal functioning. These fluids tend to become more viscous when the external temperature lowers. This includes engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and even the fuel you pump in. And with thickened fuels, there is a higher risk of vehicle breakdown.
During winter, the water vapor tends to corrode the ends of the starter motor. It is this motor that brings the vehicle to life. The damp environment demands additional stress for the starter motor to function normally. If the terminals in your starter motor are corroded, then your vehicle might not start normally.

With a decline in the external temperature, for every 10-degree change, your car tire’s pressure falls by 1 psi. In cities like Delhi, when the winter temperature comes to around 1 degree during winter, your vehicle’s tire is highly susceptible to damage. We recommend having a constant check on your car’s tire pressure to ensure smooth functioning.

Apart from this, there might be issues related to spark plugs, wipers, windshields, batteries and alternator belts. Around 33,000 accidents in India happen every year due to foggy and misty weather during winter. Maintaining your car properly and preparing it for winter is the key to avoiding such accidents. We consider it a mandate to subject the car to a thorough inspection before winter to ensure all the components are working just fine. 

Imagine yourself stuck on your winter vacation in a new city. With the biting cold outside and an entirely new locality, you might not be able to handle the situation by yourself. That is where an on-road Assistance partner can help you out.

When you purchase car insurance, it helps you escape the losses that you might incur after an accident. When you add an RSA to your regular insurance scheme, it covers the following problems that you may face on a cold winter day.
Dead car batteries are a frequent event during winters. Over 44% of car owners faced issues with car batteries in the year 2017. Luckily, in a few cases, your car might roar to life after a few struggles. But when your car doesn’t start on its own, you might require a jumper cable and expert assistance, which is available round the clock with RoadSide Assistance schemes. 
 As mentioned above, flat tires are also a frequent occurrence with declining temperatures. If one or more tires in your car get damaged, you might not be able to handle the situation without a spare tire. But with 24-hour Roadside Assistance, they offer towing service, tire repair, and replacement services all within a stipulated time frame.
 Sometimes if your vehicle runs out of fuel on the road and you require help, in such a case also you can approach your Road Side Assistance Scheme provider. They help you reach the nearest fuelling station.

 It might so happen that your vehicle may have more than just one issue. In such a case, repairing it on the road is a loss to an impossible task. The only option left is to tow your vehicle to the nearest garage. This is also covered under the Road Side Assistance scheme. The added advantage is that towing services are free of cost with a few plans, and with few others, you get a discounted price for towing.

These are just a few of the many services that an on-road assistance provider offers. Be it a major issue or a minor repair, the right service provider reaches your destination to help you in the best possible way in no time. 

So, if you wonder how to reach your RSA provider at the time of an emergency, then here is the answer to your question. 

When you are stuck on the road during travel, all you need to do is reach out to your service provider’s hotline/helpline. By providing the vehicle details and the location where you are stuck, you will receive immediate assistance. These Road Side Assistance providers usually cover several garages and service centers. For example, the Allianz Road Side Assistance network is so vast that you get help within an hour, no matter where you are in the country. 

The key to rescue relies totally on your Assistance provider. By choosing the right plan and the RSA provider, you can handle any situation, no matter how worse the situation is. 

No matter what the weather out there is, we recommend purchasing a Road Side Assistance plan that suits your need to help you with emergencies.