Is mechanic beyond your reach? Tips and tricks of repairing a flat tire

Driving in a far-flung area especially on highways seems to be of much joy. Few miles apart you never know when your car breaks down or a flat tire occurs. It creates a panic situation for you where all the joys suddenly go in vain. You immediately look for a nearby mechanic and dial all the possible garage numbers but ought to be of no help. 

It’s best to deal with the situation yourself if you know how to repair your flat tire or if it’s not the cup of your tea, availing of your roadside assistance seems to be a wiser option than feeling nervous.

Most importantly, it’s not much of an ordeal thing, as it involves certain steps that you need to know yourself.

The first step is to detect the leak. The object that has caused your tyre to puncture cannot be easily detected every time. It could be either a nail or a sharp-pointed object. Take a closer look at your tyre and check if there’s any cut or hole. If taking a clear inspection doesn’t help you, inflate the tyre to the most suitable pressure level and check if there is a hissing sound. However, if you are not able to identify the puncture by any sort of means, try mixing some dish soap with water and brush or spray the mixture on the tyre. You will see the formation of bubbles out from the leaking area. Seal the spot with the tape.

If adhering to this step is beyond your reach, take help from your roadside assistance immediately as the experts visit you at your location and perform on-site minor repairs within minutes. 

    Losing the lug nuts to remove the tire is the second step that you need to follow. You can do it with the help of a lug wrench or an impact wrench. This step needs to be done before jacking up the car otherwise it can spin dangerously while removing the nuts. Now you can jack up the car to remove the wheels. Place your car on a plain surface or on concrete while doing it as it will prevent your car from rolling. You can use the jack stands for stabilizing your car. Now, align your car jack to the suitable jacking points of your car, and use it to lift the side where you have to repair it. It is always recommended to avail of the roadside assistance benefits as it will overcome your headache of learning to fix your car on-site when you’re in a hurry to reach your original destination.

Take off the lug nuts completely so that you remove the wheel from the wheelbase. This is the exact time where you have to clean the leaking area by positioning the rasp tool in and out of the wheel puncture/hole a few times.
A plug has to be inserted at the middle of the insertion tool to drive it into the hole. For easy insertion and a better seal, do the lubrication of the plug using an adhesive such as rubber cement or glue. Now, keep the plug as it is, and don’t move it for at least a minute so that the adhesive dries and sets itself. This is the time where you can remove the plug that has been stuck from the tire surface.

    This is why experts recommend monitoring your vehicle’s tire pressure frequently. The term frequently here means, every week. This is because, tire pressure is influenced by a variety of factors ranging from vehicle usage to the external temperature, nature of roads, and so on

You might question, “How does a change in tire pressure result in an accident?”
This is the final step where you have to fill the tire with a recommended air pressure so as to ensure the smooth movement of your car. Now, you can re-install the wheel in your car, pull out the floor jack, affix the lugs, and tighten them to the actual torque.

Aside from taking your tire to a repair center, the above procedure shouldn’t take more than 15 to 30 minutes for changing it. Make sure you don’t skip any of the above steps.

It is beneficial for you to try your hands on changing a tire in your home garage or driveway so that you’re ready to handle this situation if it ever comes to you in any way.

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