Is there a corporate bulk buying roadside assistance program?

    Running a business means managing a variety of resources as possible for achieving your business goals. The resources could mean managing not only your employees and their needs but also looking onto every aspect that covers your business from all angles. This includes your automobiles too. Protecting your employees and vehicles while they perform their services means focusing on those tasks that consider non-profit functioning. Additionally, choosing Corporate bulk buying roadside assistance programs can be of immense support which meets the needs of your business vehicles in time and does not permit your financial resources to go waste on unnecessary expenditure.

    As per the study report of Save life foundation performed under the Ministry of Transport and Highways(MoRTH) of truck drivers where more than half of the driver respondents (52.8%) gave their “average” rating on the availability of shops and mechanics. The majority of drivers who rated the availability as “good” were from Kolkata (50%) and Bangalore (37.5%). 32.5% of drivers rated the mechanic or repair shop availability as “bad”. The high proportion of driver respondents rated the availability as “bad” were from Western Cities i.e. Mumbai (84.2%) and Ahmedabad (40%).

    The drivers also mentioned the non-availability of mechanics is a huge problem for them. When the truck gets down due to a mechanical glitch, the drivers have to wait for hours for the mechanic to reach their spot. Sometimes, if the truck gets stuck in remote or isolated areas, the mechanic reaches them only after a day.

    Addressing all the concerns, the corporate bulk buying roadside assistance program has been formulated in a customized way that meets the needs of your business, employees, and customers.

Many businessmen wait for their fleet vehicles to break down before they take a maintenance plan. This is not to be done for the long term. Find a 

corporate roadside assistance plan which provides you services around the clock and buy it and keep your vehicle running in peak condition. Not only will you be depending on your vehicles, but this way your business will stay in continuation for years to come.

    ●       PAN India Roadside assistance 24X7, 365 days a year

    ●       Digital membership subscription plans, allowing to ask for roadside assistance using GPS technology which highlights your employees’ breakdown locations within seconds

    ●       Free towing packages up to unlimited km are subject to the subscription plan whether you need 50 Kms, 100 Kms where each truck is covered under its roadside assistance membership benefit.

    ●       On-site repairs such as battery jumpstart, flat tire changes, lockout assistance, key retrieval, free fuel delivery, dead battery services, and winch services

    ●       Taxi provision to deport drivers and passengers to their original destination

    ●       Medical assistance at the nearby medical facility for looking after their medical needs

    ●       Complimentary hotel stay for one night enabling the employees to offer additional employee perks and motivation

●        Customer Service on single call; 24 hours, 7 days, 365 in a year

●        PAN India en route breakdown support

●        Fully equipped service vans backed by fully trained and dedicated technicians

●        Quick response time with strategically positioned GPS enabled AOS vans via mobile app requesting truck roadside assistance services  from a local provider.  Office staff can place a request from their mobile or desktop app.

●        Real-time van tracking, post assigning of Allianz on-road service (AOS) vans call enabling quick service

●        Real-time SMS updates to the customer at different AOS call stages

●       Trucking companies: Maintenance work is performed on all types of trucks, either on-site or at the fleet’s destination.

●       Car rental services: Given the vast difference in customers and driving styles, personalized maintenance programs are performed on every car in a rental service’s fleet.

●       Government vehicles: Preventive maintenance is performed on all general use vehicles for government workers.

●       Farming: The farming sector engages preventive maintenance to be performed on all farming equipment such as tractors, plows, etc


As the health of a truck is directly proportional to the profitability of the company; when trucks break down which means missed deadlines will occur, making their customers unhappy and menacing their business

Using a compromised vehicle for transporting valuable employees carries immense safety risks, not only to human lives but also to vehicle damage. So, it is in the best interest of both the company and its employees to have a comprehensive corporate roadside assistance program that can offer you complete safety, given that accidents can cost both employers and employees staggering amounts of money.  
Having a good corporate bulk roadside assistance program focuses on preventive maintenance so that issues do not haunt your time and being during the use of the vehicle. It provides you with the following benefits.
The Corporate Bulk roadside assistance program ensures fleet maintenance services to your vehicles which can lower the cost of repairs. For example, if you opt for vehicle engine maintenance for a short period, it will be expensive for you against having to replace the entire engine for the vehicle. It is as simple as that when you do not compromise in changing your personal car’s oil, you shouldn’t compromise in your fleet either.

Lastly, fleet maintenance gives better results in-vehicle testing and inspections for obvious reasons. Having a 

corporate bulk buying roadside assistance program ensures preventive maintenance for your vehicle safety and drivers and retrieving better-capacitated output from your fleet.

Besides lower repair costs, performing

preventive maintenance on your fleet can lower down your operational costs. When your vehicles run at their maximum efficiency, they consume less fuel and retain their value. A well-maintained vehicle will be more cost-effective than a broken-down one in maximum cases.