Lockout or flat tire? How to get emergency care service within your reach?

For most car owners, car lockout is a very common happening. This is evident from the statistical data which shows that every year around 4 million car lockouts happen just in The United States. Isn’t that gross? 

Car lockouts happen not just because of a lost key. Sometimes a heavy gush of wind, or a heavy car door can shut itself leaving you helpless on the road. This turns out to be critical when you are traveling with infants or kids. 

What happens when you lose your keys or lock the keys in the car? 

Who would come to your rescue? 

The answer is pretty simple. Had you taken a Road Side Assistance scheme, a team of experts who can help you immediately would arrive at your destination. Guess what, these experts arrive on spot real quickly that you don’t have to wait or panic even when there is a car lockout. This is why we recommend buying a 24 hour Road Side Assistance plan to help you with an emergency.
Most car manufacturers also offer emergency roadside assistance for a specific period after purchase. However, the manufacturer’s RSA schemes come with a limited advantage. Buying a third-party roadside assistance plan is what can help you out during an emergency.

    “Who would help me if I don’t have an RSA plan for my four-wheeler?”

     If this question lingers in your mind, then here we have an answer for that as well. With Allianz Roadside Assistance, you also have options like pay for use services. Most lockouts and emergencies happen unplanned. If you are stuck somewhere on a national highway in a new city, and if you are unaware of the garages or help around, all you have to do is call the toll-free helpline. The helpline is available round the clock and offers quick service. No matter where you are in the country, you would get the help of experts in no time.

Just like car lockouts, another frequent occurrence with vehicle owners is a flat tire. In most cases, owners fix the tires by replacing the damaged ones with a spare. But sometimes, your vehicle might suffer multiple tire damages. If the problem goes beyond your limit to repair, then you might need external assistance. You don’t have to worry, because RSA providers have always got your back
In the case of vehicle lockouts, you can get help in accessing your spare key, in case you have one at home or anywhere around. When you don’t have a spare key, they help you break open the locks with the help of expert locksmiths. These experts can help you open the lock without damaging your vehicle. They also replace the lock to ensure protection to your vehicle.

Did you know that around 75 percent of the drivers on road in India are driving with improperly inflated tires? 

Of this, 44 percent of the cases drive with overly inflated tires and 34 percent with underinflated tires. This could be the sole reason for most accidents on Indian roads. Without proper tire pressure, it is not possible to keep the vehicle under the driver’s control, thereby resulting in a lot of accidents. For those of you who thought, tires just help move your vehicle, these facts could be a shocking one.

    This is why experts recommend monitoring your vehicle’s tire pressure frequently. The term frequently here means, every week. This is because, tire pressure is influenced by a variety of factors ranging from vehicle usage to the external temperature, nature of roads, and so on

You might question, “How does a change in tire pressure result in an accident?”
We have an answer to that question as well. Overinflated tires when moving at a very high speed could burst to result in accidents. Also, an increase in tire pressure hampers the braking system in the car. So, an overly inflated tire means less control on braking.
On the other hand, underinflated tires give your vehicle a wobbly-wobbly movement. This results in loss of vehicle control landing up in an accident. Next time before you hop into your vehicle sit down to check your car’s pressure for a safe driving experience. 
Under the Road Side Assistance plans, the issue of flat tires is also taken care of. The repair and replacement of your flat tire are either done on-site, or they offer to tow your vehicle to the nearest garage where the tires are replaced.
If you are stuck on the streets with a lockout or flat tire issue, then do not panic. All you have to do is reach out to your RSA provider on their toll-free number. By updating them on your location, your plan details, and the issue you are facing, they would offer the best possible assistance within a short waiting time.
Car lockouts and flat tires are just a few of the many issues that these RSA providers offer. Other services include fuel allowance, battery jump starters n case of dead batteries, minor repairs and fixes on road, and so on. Sometimes according to the plans you take, they also offer accommodation in a nearby hotel if your vehicle’s issue can’t be fixed immediately. That is a lot of help indeed, isn’t it?
Though your RSA provider’s headquarters is located at a distance, they offer local roadside assistance in a jiffy. The best way to keep yourself protected is to buy a roadside assistance plan well in advance. This is because the pay-per-use service costs more and doesn’t essentially provide all the benefits like those prepaid purchased plans. Get your 24/7 roadside assistance plan today to keep you covered during a crisis.