Obstacles faced by riders during long drives

Long-distance travels are one such thing that can excite anyone. Sometimes long trips can equally be rewarding or bring frustrating problems for the riders. Whether you are riding solo, or with a group of bikers, always be prepared for unexpected hurdles to cross you over. 

As per the study of the global research firm JD Power, nearly three-fourths(70%) of initial quality problems reported by bike riders in India are experienced in the engine, finish and fit, lights/electricals and in the brakes categories. Most of them experienced problems in vehicle usage and varied driving conditions

28These hassles not only destroy your travel schedule but can also cause headaches to both the rider and pillion rider. Overcoming such hassles in a comfortable way can only be possible if you have a roadside assistance plan by your side for your two-wheeler.
Nevertheless, here are a few obstacles you should be aware of that can help you prepare to avoid such things in advance:
  • Batteries can come to an end at any point in time, and they can be a huge problem. Various components in a vehicle require batteries. For example: to start on, off, and run the engine requires the battery in a bike with a kick start ignition system.
  • To avoid bike battery mishaps, it is essential to check the battery and charge it enough on time. The average life of a battery is from 2 to 5 years. The lifespan of a battery is based upon external factors such as electric wiring system, weather conditions, battery usage, etc.
Roadside assistance membership plans cover such problems and can jumpstart your battery in no time

    This is a quite common problem and can be fixed on your own. You need to have a puncture kit handy which includes handle grips, repair string plugs, reamer, probe, rubber glue, 4 fuse, 10 puncture repair strips, nose pliers, gloves, chalk, cutter, and 4 tire valves. If you don’t have the puncture kit during an emergency or don’t know how to change a flat tirevb can be of your help as it will save you from these troubles, change your tires on-site and make you start all over again.

This problem is undeniably dangerous and infuriating. Check the brakes of your bike every time before going on a trip whether it is long or short. Also, ensure to have sufficient fluids which are necessary for vehicle functioning.

If you experience that the brakes are going out of your control the best way to deal with it is by calling an expert mechanic who will check your vehicle. Roadside assistance plans c cover such a facility where our experts tow your bike to the nearest repair facility where the mechanic can fix the brake pads, rotors, drums, and fluid and get you restarted again.

The engine is the heart of your bike that lets the entire machine run. Without a healthy engine, your vehicle can break down at any time. It becomes difficult to get your engine tuned before heading on the road.

Check if any knocking sound, unusual time, and smoke persists frequently in your vehicle. Neglecting a tune-up procedure can lead to engine failure. Inspecting the engine of your vehicle familiarizes you with the parts that are required to be fixed or replaced. Roadside Assistance comes to your rescue in such situations.

The vehicle transmission can also create difficulty if there are issues such as leaking of fluid, gears grinding, clutch noises when it is in neutral mode, etc. Proper maintenance work is required to repair or replace it. Roadside Assistance can efficiently solve this problem by towing your vehicle for maintenance work at the nearest service facility

Fuel level is an essential parameter to check before going on a trip. This issue becomes a nuisance if not checked properly during your journey. With an empty tank, you are unable to drive your bike further which leaves you stranded on the roads.

Roadside assistance can help you onsite and refill the fuel-free up to 5 liters and can tow your vehicle to the nearest gas station.

An adverse weather condition during your road journey is a pain in the neck. You need to check how the weather is going to be if the roads are not conducive enough to travel for adverse climatic conditions.
Make sure to keep a check on the weather forecast before starting your journey. If the weather becomes unexpectedly worse during the journey, then do not be scared of making stops at regular intervals at safe places to avoid mishaps.
Police can obstruct you if your bike is not maintained properly. Make sure to have all the necessary parts of your vehicle in working order so that cops do not raise objections by handing you over a challan. Also, make sure that the number plate of your vehicle is visible to all and have registration papers along with your driving license and insurance in order.
Sometimes you need to travel across borders of states, cities, or even countries. Without the requisite documents in hand, you might not get permission from the cops to cross the border. Avoid such unpleasant situations by keeping the required papers with you all the time whenever you are traveling on the roads. Also, make sure that you have registration papers, driving license, and insurance papers all the time whenever you are riding on the road. Ensure that your documents are renewed in time and are up-to-date.

Your trips will involve stopping at particular places that might not be safe for you. You might have to stop to visit the loo from time to time.

In such situations, you keep your valuables carelessly in your bike for some time which is susceptible to be robbed by crooks or thieves in the area. Avoid this trouble by locking or carrying your valuables along with you safely.  Ask the pillion rider to monitor your valuables by the time you come back.