Renting car Vs Driving Own vehicle–Which one is better for a vacation?


“Indeed, every journey gives us a sense of fulfilment, an undefined happiness, and a re-energised mind to face new challenges. Moreover, every happy journey forever shines like treasure pieces in our memories!”

However, a good journey requires great preparation. And in the preparation series, the first question that often strikes our mind is – whether to take own car or rent one?

Off course, there’s no doubt that you will save some money if you drive your own car, but there are surely other factors that should be considered before selecting between these two options.

So, without getting partial, we would like to share the straightforward fact that both renting a car and driving your own vehicle have their own pros and cons. Hence, knowing them closely will certainly help you in taking wise decisions.


Benefits: -

  •      You will save some money that goes on rent.
  •      Driving your own car gives you more freedom.
  •      Time spent on searching for rental vehicles is omitted here.
  •      You don’t have to explain to the rental company any damage that may have occurred.
  •      You can also extend your trips without any worries.
  •      As it is the car that you drive almost every day, this makes you familiar with its comfort and other mechanical aspects.
  •      You own it! It’s your second house! – For this reason, there is a feeling of belongingness and pride that goes along with it.


  •      In the case of very long road trips, the running miles are higher and, consequently, this hits the depreciation value of your vehicle.
  •      Your insurance policy plan is subject to the vehicle’s overall running.
  •      You will have to deal with a vehicle breakdown situation on your own if you don’t know how to get the right help.
  •      You will have to prepare in advance with all the car’s maintenance work, interior cleaning, and fuel refilling.
  •      Small cars, like hatchbacks or sedans, cannot accommodate more than five family members.
  •      Fuel bills depend upon mileage. Thus, you may see high fuel bills if you own an automatic transmission or a model that’s very low on mileage.
  •      You can not rely on an old car for long road trips.
  •      Plus, if you are new to driving or haven’t explored driving on hills or high speedways, then taking your own car is very risky. You will need a chauffeur.




  •      You don’t have to bother with insurance.
  •      Roadside assistance is handled by the rental company.
  •      No worries about depreciation values.
  •      You can select a model that can accommodate more family members.
  •      There is freedom to explore new car makes and models.
  •      You can take the joy of driving luxurious models.
  •      You can rent a model that you wish to buy in the near future and get the benefit of judging it correctly.
  •      Some rental companies provide both options – self driving and a chauffeur for driving.



  •      You need to check whether you can extend the trip.
  •      A self-driving rental car means more responsibility.
  •      If you are new to driving, you will need a chauffeur. That means additional costs.
  •      You have to check whether you can interfere with repairs if the vehicle breaks down.
  •      If you are not allowed to interfere with repairing, then you will have to wait for help from the rental company.
  •      The overall cost of renting a car for a vacation will always be slightly higher than taking your own car.
  •      You will have to check with the rental company whether you are covered for any travel or accidental insurance.

Hopefully, the above comparison clarified the possibilities with both options.

“Nevertheless, which option you choose, always remember that saving a roadside assistance helpline number can still help in securing your loved ones and their happiness.”