Roadside Assistance | Choose Allianz Assistance Only- Here’s Why

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Roadside assistance is exactly what it sounds like- assistance in case of roadside emergencies. It includes scenarios where you get stuck because of a vehicle (Four-wheeler as well as Two-wheeler) breakdown like a dead battery, stolen or lost key, punctured tire, key lockout, accidents, etc. Now, roadside doesn’t necessarily mean on-road; assistance is also provided in case the vehicle had a breakdown at your home. So, it is basically an assurance to the vehicle owner that if they are ever stranded with a car or bike breakdown, help will arrive.

Roadside Assistance Plans are provided by insurance companies as well as standalone Roadside Assistance Providers like Allianz Assistance. 

    Allianz Assistance has a 24-hour serviceable helpline number that provides round-the-clock support in case of car breakdown. With plans starting at Rs. 810/-, Allianz has a fair and transparent pricing system with upfront terms and conditions so that when it comes to service, you’re not in for disbelief and shock.  

    Bike riding is an exciting experience; one that lets you have all the adventures you dream of. That is precisely Allianz Assistance has bike roadside assistance plans- to let you plan all those little and long road trips without worrying about vehicle breakdown. With a standard plan as low as INR 449/- per annum, to the superbike plan costing INR 7900/-, Allianz has bike roadside assistance plans for all needs and pockets.

With a 24*7, all-year-round hassle-free roadside assistance helpline number, it is easy to reach Allianz Assistance for help anytime, from anywhere. And when you register your complaint, our expert technicians would come to your rescue so that you can have hindrance-free travel while bidding goodbye to delays in trips.

Not just that, the helpline executives are proficient in 12 languages, so that emergency services are provided without any communication barrier. 

    Allianz assistance has incorporated technology into its existing regimen, and this digital ecosystem has simplified the process even more. From providing the facility of lodging your complaint online to tracking the movement of a support team, Allianz provides real-time updates to its customers and keeps them informed at all times. 

    Yet another upside is transparent and rewarding plans and even transparent monitoring of all processes.

    Allianz Assistance provides multiple repair services in situations where your vehicle can be repaired on the spot and does not need to be moved to the garage. A few of them are quoted below.

     The breakdown might occur even because of a small malfunctioning in any of the parts of the vehicle. In such a case, the Allianz RSA crew will arrive at your location and fix the problem.

     If you have a car, you might possibly be caring an extra tire, but some of you might not know how to change it. On the other hand, bike riders don’t have the option at all. Nonetheless, if you ever experience any tire-related problem, the technician would arrive at your location asap and will help you change the tire. Allianz also facilitates getting a new tire at the cost of the vehicle owner in case the old is beyond repair or the vehicle owner doesn’t have one.

     We have all had moments where our car keys got misplaced or we left them inside the car. In such a situation, our RSA team would either pick up the spare keys from your house or tow your car to the nearest network garage. We will unlock your car safely and by taking proper cautions, without letting any damage be done. 

    Ever happened that your fuel tank went to zero before you even realized it or maybe before reaching the petrol pump? Well, in unwarranted situations like these, Allianz Assistance’s RSA team will assist you in providing fuel based on your plan.

Further, in case of incorrect fuelling, the technicians will assist you by taking the vehicle to the nearest network garage.

     In case your vehicle’s battery gets discharged, our technician team will come and jump-start the battery, no matter the location. Allianz even provides services at unimaginable and difficult-to-access locations.

Sure, there are situations when the vehicle can be fixed at the spot, but there are also the ones where it cannot. Allianz Roadside Assistance provides towing- normal and accidental in such situations. 

     You don’t have to arrange for a towing van in situations where your vehicle stops and has to be sent to the network garage. Allianz’s assistance crew and technicians will get your vehicle towed safely in a reliable flat-bed tow truck. The service is provided at no cost up to the distance mentioned in your plan.

    Nobody wants to have accidents, but you must brace yourself for one. And in such a tense situation, your focus should be on your health and not on the safety of your vehicle. Allianz Assistance understands this trauma and therefore ensures that the technicians have been trained properly to handle and tow a vehicle that has been damaged or broken down severely. 

Along with providing support in the above circumstances, Allianz Assistance takes roadside assistance a step ahead to ensure that you are provided with additional support and are taken care of, even if in the middle of nowhere. For instance, in case your vehicle requires towing, Allianz provides decent accommodation so that you and your family can rest and have a bite or two. Allianz also understands the need to be somewhere, therefore if required, it also arranges an alternate mode of transport-a cab, train, or flight to the desired destination.
If you have a car or bike that is less than 5 years old, you should definitely opt for RSA plans by Allianz Assistance, so that your brand-new vehicle is always protected, be it a small mishap like a flat tire or a more serious problem involving accidental towing. Needless to say, that vehicles above the age of 5 years are more likely to experience technical or mechanical failure and thus these RSA plans will be your guardian angel.