Traveling with your kids to some faraway hill station? Don’t forget to tick off these must-haves!

Nothing can soothe the feverish summers like a chilling trip to some lovely hill station; right?

The dreamy landscapes dotted with greenery and endless blue skies etched with clouds – hill stations are the best summer retreat one can have!

However, planning a trip to a hill station with kids comes with a lot of decision-making and mental stress. You have to consider a lot many things – which car you should hire or whether you would be able to drive the car on rough terrain or not? What are some “must-haves” when it comes to planning a trip with kids and how to ensure a worry-free and amazing hill station adventure?

In this post, we are sharing the ten must-haves on your travel checklist when you are traveling with kids. All our readers can take a thorough read and make their travels an easy affair!

Whether you are traveling via your own car, or you are hiring a car rental, do all the safety checks, such as brakes, brake oils, coolant, water, and wiring under the car hood. You can also watch the expert video tutorials shared online that can help you with the same. Otherwise, you can also take help from the local mechanic and get a thorough car check-up done.
Ensure that all the documents, such as RC, Driver’s License, Insurance Policy papers and Pollution Certificate etc. are all in place and are not going to expire within the travel period. You must keep them all in one kit so that you can use them as and when required.
This is one of the most vital things that you must have on your travel checklist. Having a reliable and thorough roadside car assistance plan ensures your safety and allows you to find immediate assistance anytime and anywhere. It is important to choose a plan that offers the best service bundles and unlimited service radius, like Allianz roadside assistance plans.

    Free fuel deliveries

    On-site battery charging

    Professional tow services

    Free cab services (in case your car gets broken down and requires more time for repair)

    Free accommodation for one night in case your vehicle gets involved in an accident and requires more repair or part replacement.

With a huge workforce and a strong global presence, Allianz is able to deliver impeccable services owing to its large network of expert professionals.

It is important to choose a plan that offers maximum protection, as your kids will become restless, confused, scared and grumpy in any situation, such as flat tyre, vehicle damage and accident etc.

While the culture of road trips and weekend getaways is getting popular, the number of companies offering road assistance plans is also increasing. However, the service offerings vary greatly and only a few reputed brands offer impeccable service bundles. 

So, we recommend opting for a company that offers the maximum number of services and robust safety at affordable costs. Instead of opting for cheap plans that fail to deliver across your expectations, you must opt for service-intensive assistance plans that actually keep you covered in every situation.

One of the mistakes people make while going on a vacation is, that they don’t keep the important numbers on their phones. Some of the important phone numbers are the phone number of the hotel you have booked, the tourist helpline, the provider of your car roadside assistance policy, and other such numbers. Many people think that they can find these numbers on the internet when they need them and sometimes land in trouble for this mistake.

This is because the internet connectivity and mobile network connectivity might be disrupted or jittery in the hills, because of weather constraints and because of location limitations. There are many hill stations where it is hard to make clear voice calls as well.

We recommend not taking the slightest risk with your safety on the road and storing all these numbers on your phone, because when you are travelling with kids, every halt and every pause in your journey makes them restless.

While you might be enjoying the pretty landscape and scenic hills all along the way, your kids might not have the same temperament yet. So, it is important to keep them entertained at all times, otherwise, they won’t be able to tolerate the long and arduous travel on hilly roads.

You can opt for small indoor puzzles, games, small toys, books, and lots of healthy snacks that they enjoy to keep them engaged.

There are many smart car accessories and furnishings for cars that you should buy in case you are traveling with kids. These days, you can find small air mattresses, smart hanging trays with holders and cases for phones, and ergonomic car seats for small kids, etc. All these things make your travels happy, easy, and kid-friendly. They can enjoy themselves without the fear of spilling the contents of their eatables and drinks on their phones and can even sleep on the car mattress like a bed. 

As all these things can be deflated or removed and stored, they offer a long-term service as well.

Winding hilly roads can make your kids as well as the adults, including you, nauseous. They can also face digestive troubles because of change in the water and food. So, consult some expert doctor and get your medicine kit ready with a mandatory nausea medicine in it.
Hills can experience bad weather and rain at any time of the year. So, it is important to carry a few extra pairs of warm clothes and an extra blanket for the car. You can keep your kids safe from the cold and it will also come in handy in many situations.

With the pandemic raging, it has become important to follow the hygiene and sanitation protocol even more diligently. Keep hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, cleansers, and paper soaps in bulk as you need them more when you are traveling with kids. 

You would have to sanitize their hands again and again. So, invest in some organic or herbal sanitizer that keeps their skin safe.

While you can never be 100% sure when you are traveling with kids, this brings us to the conclusion of our discussion. We recommend keeping this checklist in your mind for sure and don’t forget to visit for more information on the roadside assistance plans and service bundles.