Which is the best car breakdown and roadside assistance service in India?


Imagine that you are finally going on a long-awaited road trip with your family. You are on an isolated road, listening to your favorite music and enjoying the scenery. But suddenly your car breaks down: flat tire it is! What is the first thing that would come to your mind? Repair shop near me, right. But finding it within proximity is very difficult, and would you want to drag your car till you can find the mechanic? Of course not! Incidents like these: flat tires, dead battery, empty fuel tank, etc., create panic and spoil the mood of the trip.

But what if we told you that all you need to do is call a number, share your location and just wait for the assistance crew to arrive. You can get your vehicle checked on the spot. That is what Roadside Assistance is all about, just like the name sounds. Roadside Assistance companies offer lucrative plans for unpleasant situations like these, both inside and outside the city limits. You need RSA to ensure that you are not stranded somewhere far off with a vehicle breakdown. 

A lot of companies offer Roadside Assistance Programs with different coverage levels and added features. So, you should consider several options and evaluate what's best for you before freezing one. 

The best RSA service is the one that provides an all-encompassing coverage for all situations and is reasonably priced. 

Several other factors determine the ranking of Roadside Assistance Companies. Go ahead and read it if you want to know which is the best car breakdown and roadside assistance service in India.

Many companies are providing good Roadside Assistance Plans, but what truly makes the difference is the extent to which they go beyond their call of duty.

Allianz Assistance India   
 is one of them. Allianz offers RSA Plans as basic as towing, accidental towing, Battery Jumpstart, Flat tire, lost or locked keys, and empty fuel tank.

But it earned the extra brownie points for also providing city route and map guidance, cab benefit in case of towing, and onward journey (via train, air, or road) in case of vehicle breakdown. Well, the list doesn’t stop there, Allianz also provides medical coordination, a relay of urgent messages to keep your family and friends informed, and hotel accommodation so that you can rest and have food while your vehicle is getting checked.

Oh, and did we tell you how they go above and beyond to provide customized and tailor-made assistance solutions to meet the different needs of customers!

Just a call away. That’s how your RSA company should be. When you are in trouble with your car, you should be able to get in touch with the company easily. 

Allianz has a 24x7 active helpline number with executives proficient in 12 different languages and a presence spread across PAN India. Making contact easy and flawless, Allianz is our top pick. 

    A plan should provide the best value along with good services. Allianz roadside assistance plans excel in this too. The company stands out in providing the best nationwide emergency roadside assistance service and excellent value-for-money simultaneously. 

    At the starting outlay of just Rs 810/-, the company provides a 3-month plan covering free towing up to 100 km and other on-site repair services like a lost key, battery jumpstart, fuel delivery, etc. There is a mid-range plan for Rs. 1899/- per annum providing medical coordination and relay of urgent messages in addition. Lastly, the all-encompassing comprehensive plan is available at Rs. 2999/-per annum, covering onward journey benefits and hotel accommodation in addition. 

    Allianz takes the cake for the best value, thanks to its reasonable and feasible roadside assistance plans for every situation and every budget. 

    A plan that covers you within the city limits and even at the farthest location is your go-getter indeed.  

    Take Allianz Assistance, for instance. Their unparalleled repair and towing services on higher plans imply that you don't have to be stranded with a broken car, you don’t have to worry about finding a mechanic in the middle of nowhere. The assistance crew will come on their own to your location, no matter how far or near. What’s even better is that Allianz has a digitalized ecosystem so you can live track the movement of the technician coming your way. And heavens forbid, if it’s something that can’t be fixed on the spot, then they’ll tow your car safely in their reliable flat-bed tow trucks to the nearest service center. 

    Even the most basic plan offers free towing up to 100 km, and the most elaborative one has no limit whatsoever on the distance. 

    Allianz is an overall performer with rewarding roadside assistance plans and super prompt 24*7 service. Responding to 4 million + calls in over 12 languages annually, they have assisted more than 6,00,000 customers since inception. That’s huge, isn’t it?

    Allianz has a self-owned breakdown and assistance crew operated by skilled, company-employed technicians and a dedicated 24*7 customer service team to provide prompt response to customers in need. 

    Allianz is the pick of leading automotive companies, and their unbeatable all-India coverage and pledge to customer service have also made them our choice for the best overall. 

    When considering a Roadside Assistance Plan, remember that High-end plans can be expensive, and very low-cost plans may not provide the services you need. Choose a plan that fits your needs and budget. 

    · With a PAN INDIA presence, the plan is valid across the entire country.

    · Provides all breakdown services so that you can have a stress-free travel.

    · Complete digitalization, ensuring assistance at your fingertips, literally. 

    · 24*7 multilingual helpline to provide day-to-day support, policy information, and emergency assistance.

    · Immediate service with a minimal waiting period.

    · Dedicated customer service.

    · Transparent and affordable pricing.

    · Trained and qualified technicians and specialists.

    Your journey is what you make of it!

    When considering a Roadside Assistance Plan, remember that High-end plans can be expensive, and very low-cost plans may not provide the services you need. Choose a plan that fits your needs and budget. 

    The best overall option is Allianz Assistance, thanks to its flexibility, coverage, and excellent prices