Which one is better for your four-wheeler – 24X7 RSA or Car Insurance?

For people who own a car, be it a brand new one or a second-hand car, the car is more than just a vehicle. Car insurance is a term that is popular among most car owners. A relatively less popular term is  abbreviated as RSA. Though these terms are common for people who already own a car, a newbie looking out for a car cannot understand the differences. Here we’ll dissect out the pros and cons of car insurance and RSA. 


Car insurance is a basic protection scheme that guards your four-wheeler against any mishaps. Be it calamity or burglary or accident, car insurance offers protection from all of these. Therefore, picking the right car insurance beforehand can help you claim the financial losses that might occur due to these happenings. Every vehicle owner must pick up an insurance scheme. Despite awareness and government policies, as of 2019, only 43% of the cars on roads in India were insured. Car insurance is an umbrella term that can also be added with features like depreciation waiver, Roadside assistance, and so on depending on the individual’s requirement. 

There are several third-party motor vehicle insurance providers. Each of them has slightly different pricing in the premium amount to be paid. The premium also depends on the car you own. Simple car insurance covering the basic requirements costs somewhere around Rs.2000. However, depending on the condition of the vehicle, this pricing varies. 

Though car insurance is beneficial to vehicle owners, it comes into play only when the vehicle is damaged or lost. But during use, the vehicle might face issues on the road, which is not generally covered in a simple four-wheeler insurance scheme. This is where RSA comes into the picture. 

Most third-party insurance firms along with the insurance coverage also provide an additional feature called, ”The 24 x 7 RSA”. A roadside assistance plan is a key to traveling tension-free. Consider a situation where you plan a long holiday trip and during the journey, your vehicle malfunctions, and you are left on a highway. Can your basic insurance be of any use under such situations? 

    The answer is a clear, NO. In such cases, you will need some breakdown assistance to put your vehicle back on track. If you haven’t purchased a RoadSide Assistance scheme you would end up ruining your entire holiday. Here are the criteria that one has to look for while purchasing an RSA scheme. 

    While traveling, the first issue most of us face is the network and connectivity. The firm that offers you an RSA should be easily accessible. At Allianz Assistance, we offer maximum options for our clients to reach out to us. Clients can also enjoy the transparency and real-time processing of requests.

While purchasing an RSA you need to analyze the cost-benefit ratio. Check if the premium you pay is worth all the services offered by the insurer. Not all insurers offer all services. So before purchasing an RSA, check for the benefits offered. In the case of Allianz Roadside Assistance, they offer services during emergencies. This includes, 

    Towing is essential when your vehicle dysfunctions or meets with an accident. Towing prices start from Rs.1000 as a basic charge and Rs.50 for every additional kilometer. Not just this, the waiting time for the towing vehicle to reach the spot is also longer. The pricing might also vary depending on the city, traffic conditions, and the type of vehicle. But with Allianz Roadside Assistance, you can enjoy free towing services at a relatively quicker waiting time.

    Bid adieu to your waiting time on the highways with Allianz Assistance RSA plans.  

    A dead battery can leave you helpless on a highway or the streets. With the Allianz Assistance RSA scheme, you get expert help to jumpstart your vehicles in a jiffy. 

Dead batteries are no longer an alarming situation with Allianz RSA!

    Have you ever been stranded on a highway with deflated tires and no help for replacement? Statistics also state that on average a regular car driver will experience at least 5 flat tire situations in their lifetime. Under such conditions, an RSA scheme could come to your rescue

    We all must have lost our car keys or locked the key inside the car at least once. In 2018, a study shows that drivers in the UK spent 180 million Euros replacing lost keys, which is indeed a big number. Allianz Roadside Assistance also offers help to retrieve your spare key or offer towing services to the nearest garage to help you get a spare key. 

    When in a new place, you might not know the whereabouts. If you are stranded on the streets with low fuel, our RSA team can come to your assistance. We provide you with fuel to help you travel further until you reach the closest petrol station. 

No matter where you are, all you need is a partnership with Allianz to escape the wreck!

Allianz Assistance has a 3-month plan, a standard plan, and an elite plan that the customers can choose from depending on their requirements. These plans could turn out to be your savior in critical situations. Depending on the amount paid for the premium, the services offered might slightly vary among these plans. 

An older vehicle is prone to more troubles which is why the cost of Road Side Assistance premiums increases with the age of the car. Apart from third-party insurers, manufacturers also offer RSA with a starting premium of Rs.1750 for Hyundai in the first year. This pricing increases to around Rs.4000 in the third year. 
The number of services that each RSA scheme provides is restricted. With Allianz Roadside Assistance, there are 3 schemes that the owner can choose from. In the case of the 3-month plan, you get 1 service/3 months. And with the standard and elite plans, you get 3 and 5 services per year respectively
With the Allianz RSA elite plan, along with the basic services, you also get complimentary hotel accommodation for one night, 50 kilometers of taxi benefit, route map guidance, and medical coordination. All these services are covered with just Rs.2999 per annum
Unlike car insurance, an RSA is not mandatory for all four-wheelers. Insurance can help the owner claim the losses incurred. But an RSA helps in fixing issues when the vehicle is still in use. Though not mandatory, owning an RSA is highly beneficial. In situations like the pandemic that is prevailing now, it is impossible to find garages and service spots even in a well-acquainted place. The RSA services offered by Allianz could be beneficial under such conditions. 
To conclude, adding an RSA plan along with the regular insurance premium is highly beneficial. And among all the other RSA providers, Allianz Assistance offers the best services to a large number of clients. To know more, reach out to Allianz Assistance