Why must having a thorough Roadside Assistance Plan be on your agenda this year?

As per Forbes, if you have a car that is old, having a good roadside assistance plan is important. This is because your odds of getting stuck on the roadside because of faults are two times more as compared to new vehicles and the odds of you requiring a tow service are four times higher than the new vehicles.

While the facts shared above are for the old vehicles, they don’t exempt the new and fairly new vehicles with an age of 3 or 5 years from the roadside assistance scenario. The rising popularity of road trips, all-girls trips and weekend getaways, etc. are motivating people to think more about their safety and security on the roads.

Further, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread of life-threatening diseases like black fungus and white fungus, sanitation and hygiene are becoming of extreme importance. You just cannot depend on the common workshops for all kinds of repairs, as most of them are closed due to the pandemic. Likewise, you just cannot rely on the vehicle insurance plans only for your and your vehicle’s safety while driving on the road.

With the nationwide lockdowns, there are many local businesses that are affected as well.

    While the situation is not going to be as alarming as it is now, it is surely a mighty persuasive nudge for all of us to invest in some robust, reliable, and comprehensive roadside assistance plan what makes a roadside car assistance plan best? And what are the must-have features? How to choose a roadside assistance plan suitable for your needs and travel or commute habits and whether it is a wise investment or not?

Here, we are going to explore the answers to all these questions and discuss how having a smart road assistance plan like that of Allianz is going to take away a major portion of stress from your mind, whenever you are driving!

Let us begin with a thorough discussion of the features.

·         You can ask for the on-site delivery of a battery charger, in case your car battery is dead or not charged properly.

·         If your vehicle runs out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, you just have to place a call and you can get up to 5-liter petrol for free or for money depending on the plan you have chosen. This is of extreme importance for people on a road trip as they might be passing from many far-flung areas with little or no roadside assistance options.

·         If you are in an accident, or your vehicle stops working during a journey, a professional flat track will tow away your vehicle, while you will be entitled to use a cab for free (up to 50 km).

What makes the plans of Allianz roadside safety even better than the competitors, is the fact that these plans are available for both the two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Suppose you are traveling with your wife and kids and your car breaks down. The daylight is giving way to the evening and you cannot find any help nearby. You would certainly don’t want to leave your family behind while looking out for help, but there is no other alternative; right?

Well, with Allianz as your partner on the roads, you don’t have to worry even for a single second.

Just make a call and our team of professionals (from the nearest location) will come with extensive repair equipment to repair your car. If your car is beyond repair at the instant, it will be towed away to an authorized workshop nearby while you and your family can take the free cab service to a nearby 3-Star Accommodation that is free of charge for one night.

So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids or family or valuables for even a bit!

While the COVID-19 is weighing down on everybody’s pockets, spending on a roadside assistance plan might be the last thing on your mind. However, the Allianz road assistance plans come at highly affordable prices.

The plan pricing is as follows:

·         RSA 3-months plans that is priced at INR 810

·         Standard plan, that is priced at INR 1899 per annum

·         Elite plan, that comes at INR 2999 per annum

The coverage radius for all the plans is unlimited and all of them come with lucrative services, such as free towing service, fuel delivery, and cab assistance, etc.

When you are traveling, you can find yourself in a hot soup in multiple ways. Your vehicle can get damaged, you can run out of fuel and you can get involved in an unfortunate accident. There can be many other circumstances, and they can happen during day or night and in villages, cities, or on a highway in the midst of a jungle!

So, you need a reliable and efficient brand that can deliver you uninterrupted services irrespective of the time, place, and situation. Investing in a company that offers a limited radius of service or specific services in a particular location is good for nothing if you are in a serious situation.

Allianz assitance has garnered a highly positive reputation in the market because of its excellent services and track record of delivering client happiness in multiple situations.

The team Allianz Assistance is working with a renewed force, passion, and dedication in the light of COVID-19 to ensure safety and uninterrupted journeys across the world!

Hence, never compromise with the safety of your vehicle and your family.

Choose Allianz assistsnce Choose Smart!

For more information, getting quotes, and getting detailed information on the plans and services, please log onto www.allianzassistance.in.